0xequity Inc. is a technology company primarily based in United States & Turkey with a focus to provide access to innovative investment instruments. established in 2023, 0xequity is dedicated to empowering individuals and organizations to take charge of their financial well-being by providing a diverse range of unique investment opportunities. We strive to foster a transparent financial ecosystem that generates value for a broad spectrum of participants.
Operated within a regulated environment, 0xequity offers a secure platform that assists investors and companies in navigating compliance hurdles.
We envision Web3 as the convergence of culture and finance, dismantling barriers to entry and fostering a financial system that empowers individuals to build their wealth. 0xequity is striving to revolutionise the way personal finances work. Our novel state-of-the art technology enables us to provide an unparalleled investing experience that is easier to onboard and manage, fully customizable to every user’s individual investment threshold.

We built 0xequity from the ground combining the best of Traditional & Decentrazlied finance.
Mustafa Yasar
Co-Founder / CEO
Asim Ashfaq
Co-Founder / CTO
Ali Hararwala
Disclosure: This information is not an offer to invest in any token, fund, or other opportunity and is provided for informational purposes only. Our platform currently offers real estate investment opportunities with no fees for buying and selling operations, although this policy is subject to future changes. A 2% fee is charged on rental income, and listing fees apply for each property. For secondary market sales, we offer a limit order marketplace and instant sell pools managed by liquidity providers, with no initial fee on limit order executions or instant sell pool transactions; however, future fees are anticipated. Investors should note that instant sell pool transactions may involve selling tokens for less than 5% of market value. Our platform ensures data transparency with all performance data recorded on the blockchain, supplemented by third-party property valuation reports. Property valuations are conducted semi-annually or annually, with individual investor returns comprising 70% instant taxable income distribution and 30% withheld for tax purposes, redeemable post tax filing. Our platform charges a 2% monthly fee, a 10% purchase time operating expense, and allocates 10% of rental income to property management companies. Protocol changes are executed through a multisignature blockchain wallet with at least 3 custodians, and data is sourced directly from the blockchain protocol and IPFS. Investors should consider that past performance is not indicative of future results and that returns may vary based on market conditions and individual investment timing.

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